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Shipping Timeline and Updated Address.

We want to thank everyone in advance for your patience as we perfect the palettes! We are seriously dying to get them into your hands because we are so proud of what we have developed with your help!!! 

We have been working with a great company in Hillsborough NJ that has handled everything from the initial engineering, rapid prototyping, to the sourcing of materials and production in a factory that they own in China. They have been diligent guides, through this very complicated process. 

We received the master carton in early September for our approval, however there were a number of changes that had to be made to the molds. Specifically, the different textures that we wanted applied to the palette’s surfaces as well as some of the main raw materials color and value we sent in our changes and received new samples for approval at the end of September. The palettes look amazing now, and we are very proud of them! Once we approved everything, production started and is currently in full swing! 

Yesterday, we were given a rough estimate timeline to work with. Because of a few unanticipated holidays, Mid-Autumn and National Day in China and the pre-Christmas supply rush. We have been informed that there will be some additional delays.

For the palettes to have the materials sourced, molded, the aluminum backing plates stamped, packaging printed, and everything assembled and boxed, we are looking at them being completed on October 28th or 29th. Ready for Shipping, which will take 5 to 6 weeks from China to our fulfillment house in the US.

We are looking to have all of the palettes at our fulfillment house between 12/2-12/9. Our fulfillment house is close by to us here in New Jersey and is ready for immediate shipping to you guys around 1-2 weeks domestic, we are still looking into international shipping estimates. We will know more about international shipping early next week.

Our best, conservative estimates put them in your hands between 12/9-12/23.

If there are any other delays we will let you know, if things speed up in anyway, we also let you guys know.

In the meantime, we are working on some extras for you guys. We are developing a website/blog, where we plan on sharing photos that you send to us at as well as on the parallelPALETTE’s Instagram. 

We are also creating some downloadable pdfs that can be printed, cut out and placed under the glass of the palette to help with color and value mixes. In addition, we have been talking to a few companies about getting some coupons and/or samples to include in the initial orders. This is our way of saying thank you for believing in us and especially for being so patient! 

This is the first time that David Lemyre and I have created a complete physical product from concept to studio, we are both extremely excited to get them into your hands and really appreciate all of your patience through this entire journey. We have been learning so much about the flow of every aspect of creating a business and the production of a high quality product that far exceeds what our original vision had been. I feel like I know way more about injection molds than I ever thought I would. We are really proud of the palettes!! 

Thanks so much!! 
David K and David L

Address changes!!

I have been getting a lot of emails to my Facebook, Kickstarter, and personal accounts for address changes. It’s been hard to keep up with them. If you guys could send us your address changes to this one email address with the subject line “address change” we will be able to make sure that everything is updated in our system. 

Here are some shots of the molded components that we approved. Very excited again to have these out into the world! 

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